Moana Birthday Party

We celebrated my daughter’s 7th birthday the first week of June with a Moana Themed Birthday Party.   My girl fell in love with Moana after watching the movie in the theater and she’s been belting out “How Far I’ll Go” at the top of her lungs ever since.  Her Grandma and Papa surprised her with the soundtrack for her birthday, which made the party even more special to have her favorite Moana songs playing in the background while she swam and played with all of her sweet friends.

I had so much fun planning this party and I’m happy to say that everything turned out just as I imagined it would.  I started making decorations several weeks in advance because May and June are always crazy busy with all of the end of school activities, dance recitals, and two kids with birthdays just a couple of weeks apart.

I used my Cricut Expression 2 to make the black and white tribal sewn paper garlands and the HAPPY BIRTHDAY KARIS pennant banner.  I also used it to cut some of the pieces for the Kakamora faces.  These were all made out of card stock that I purchased from Joann Fabrics.  I also found the tribal print material at Joann’s that I used to cover the contents of our two bookshelves.

The Dollar Tree is a great place for inexpensive tropical decorations this time of year and it did not disappoint.  This is where I purchased the tissue paper for the giant tropical flowers, the leis, the grass skirts that I used to surround the table, the plastic beach backdrop, plates and napkins, and the Moana and Maui “magic towels” that we gave to the children as party favors.

My favorite part of the whole party, was the Moana Boat and Sail Photo Backdrop (tutorial link below).  All the kids were greeted by my daughter and given a lei to wear and the first thing they saw when they walked in was a huge beach scene with a cardboard Moana boat and sail to play in.  I even made an oar out of a dowel, cardboard, and twine.  We got some super cute pictures of the kids in Moana’s boat.

If you are planning a Moana party of your own, here are three fun tutorial for you as well as a ton of pictures from my daughter’s party.  Enjoy!

Moana Marshmallow Pops Tutorial


Moana Boat and Sail Photo Backdrop Tutorial


Heart of Te Fiti Cupcake Tutorial 







11 thoughts on “Moana Birthday Party

    1. Hi Sarah, I designed the kakmora, but used some of the basic triangle, circle and rectangle features on my Cricut for some of the features. The rest, I just cut out by hand using some pictures of kakamoras as references.


    1. Hi Sara! Are you inquiring about the tropical beach scene that was on the wall? I would send it to you, but it ripped a lot as I was taking it down and I ended up throwing it away. I purchased it at the Dollar Tree. Try googling “Plastic Tropical Beach Backdrop” and see what you can find online. Good luck 🙂


  1. any suggestions for activities during the party? you mentioned swimming, but it looks like you are inside your home. I am planning a winter Moana party for my twin 5 year old girls. Thanks for sharing your beautiful ideas!


    1. Hi Shaleah! My daughter’s party was in June, so I didn’t plan any activities other than swimming. Some ideas for an indoor party could be “Pin the tail on Pua,” decorate your own Kakamora, make a Moana boat craft (I saw a cute one on Pinterest), turn on the Moana soundtrack and play freeze dance, make your own lei with fake flowers…Good luck and happy birthday to your twin girls 🙂


    1. I just opened up a cardboard box and taped the front of it to the wall. The box I had, just happened to be a great height and length to use as a boat. I have a tutorial showing how I made the flag. The link is in the Moana blogpost.


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