Portal Cookie Pops & Birthday Party

My son, Micah, is a huge fan of the video games Portal and Portal 2.  So for his 11th birthday, he decided to have a Portal themed party.  I wanted to send a special treat for Micah to bring to school on his big day, so I went to work making these super tasty Portal Cookie Pops.  He was so thrilled to bring them to share with all of his friends!  You can watch my tutorial above if you want to make some of your own Portal Cookie Pops!


portal cookie pop topper template pdf

The party itself didn’t require a whole lot of preparation because Micah wanted to have it at a local “fun center” so that he and his buddies could play laser tag and ride go carts.  I did want to add a couple of fun elements though, so I created these labels to make “Propulsion Gel” and “Repulsion Gel” to give to each of the kids.

According to theportalwiki.com , “Propulsion Gel is a bright orange substance that greatly reduces the friction of objects moving across the surface to which it is applied. Propulsion Gel also increases velocity, as objects covered in Propulsion Gel also have their friction reduced, causing them to slide around and be moved more easily.  Repulsion Gel is a light blue substance that repels objects, and any player or object that hits a surface coated with Replusion Gel will bounce off.”


We used orange slime that we found in the dollar section at Target for the Propulsion Gel and blue Gatorades for the Repulsion Gel.  It’s close to Easter, so we could only find orange slime in “carrot” containers.  We transferred the slime into 4 0z extra small ziplock square containers with lids.  These were the perfect size!  I bought a 12 pack of 12 oz Gatorades, which were just the right amount for Micah’s party.

Here are the printable templates I created for the Propulsion Gel and Repulsion Gel.

propulsion gel template pdf

repulsion gel template pdf


IMG_6679IMG_6687IMG_6692Version 2IMG_6709IMG_6714

In Portal, there is also a specific cake that is talked about throughout the game.  We definitely had to make a Real Portal Cake for Micah’s 11th birthday!  Click here for my recent blogpost on How to Make a Real Portal Cake.

I would definitely have to say that Micah’s Portal Birthday Party was a huge success!

How to make a Real Portal Cake 

How to Make a Real Portal Cake

Portal and Portal 2 are popular video games.  Truthfully, I’ve never played either of them, but according to my son they are the “best video games ever!”  Here’s a bit about the games according to my son Micah…”In Portal, you are a test subject in a huge underground facility called Aperture Science that is supposedly under Michigan.  You go through the tests (which are puzzles), solving them, and they get harder and harder along the way.  At a certain point in the game, you acquire a tool which makes portals that objects and you yourself can pass through.  This tool is official called the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device, but is more commonly referred to as the Portal Gun.”

Micah’s 11 birthday was March 3rd and he wanted a Portal Themed Birthday Party!  Micah chose to have his party at a Fun Center in our city so that we could play laser tag and ride go carts, so the cake became the main thing that represented the Portal Theme.

In Portal there is a gigantic robot named GLaDOS at the center of the facility.  GLaDOS runs everything and she promises you cake at the end of the test, but it turns out that she’s lying.  She actually puts you on a platform headed towards a fire pit.  In the game, there is a message written on a wall in a secret room, written by a scientist that says, “the cake is a lie!”   Here are a couple of images from the actual game.

This was a super fun cake to create!  You can watch my tutorial to learn how to make one of your own.  This cake is definitely NOT a lie!


Star Wars Party

Star Wars… one of the most popular ongoing themes for birthday parties!  When my son Micah turned 8, he wanted a Star Wars party.  March is a tricky month.  You never know if it will be rain or shine.  Fortunately, it was a beautiful sunny day, which made this epic Stormtrooper battle possible.  When each child arrived, they were given a homemade light saber made from a pool noodle cut in half, decorated with silver and black duct tape.  Their mission…go out to the backyard and defeat the Stormtroopers (which in reality were white balloons hanging from string with storm trouper faces drawn on them with sharpie).  The boys (and little sister) were way into this battle and it was so fun to watch them running around our yard swatting at all of the bad guys!

I made a hanging centerpiece out of a large white kitchen trash bag by filling it with air, tying it off and drawing a Stormtrooper face on it.  This year I went simple on the cupcakes by purchasing some Yoda and Darth Vader toppers at Michael’s.

We ended the party with a viewing of the very first Star Wars movie, which my son had never seen.  The boys each got to take a light saber noodle home with them and the left over sabers stayed at our house.  Funny thing is, I expected my kids to get tired of them after a week or so, but these noodle sabers were used for many months post party.  One of my boys’ favorite outdoor activities became light saber battles while jumping on the trampoline…perfect as party favors or just to use in everyday play!

IMG_6397   IMG_6359IMG_6399IMG_6362IMG_6387IMG_6393IMG_7190IMG_7188